About Aquila Hair

This is a page dedicated to educating all my Curlfriends on all things Aquila Hair.

FAQ: What/who is the inspiration behind the Aquila hair brand?

Aquila Hair is a black owned company with over 20 years experience in the hair and product industry. After spending years developing some of the finest product lines for some of the brands you love and respect such as Paul Mitchell and Carol’s Daughter, to name a few, I decided to take my talents and create Aquila Hair; a high quality product line that represents healthy natural illustrious hair. That represents me and how I like to see hair treated. Aquila Hair. “Where hair meets perfection!”

FAQ: Tell us about the owner? Who is the scientist behind the brand?

The name AQUILA means a star or a constellation of stars so what a fitting name for products that stand out from the rest . I am AQUILA! We have over 20 years in the hair industry with having the privilege to develop some of the products that are still relevant today. Having a degree in chemistry, years as a Licensed cosmetologist, barber stylist , platform artist & salon owner I’m a certified expert when it comes to hair of all textures.
I’ve spent my whole life perfecting both with high end clientele in the entertainment and sports industry. This product line is a reflection of the way me and our team of professionals view hair. My clients demand perfection as do I. “Where hair meets perfection.

FAQ: How is Aquila hair different from the other women’s haircare products?

What gives Aquila Hair it’s competitive advantage over other natural hair companies is the attention to detail and quality in our products. Our products are made from a combination of rich and natural ingredients that are built to deliver moisture to every strand. Some product lines start out as we do but once they mass produce, the quality of their products decrease. You can probably think of a few that fell out of your hair’s grace. We intend to continue to provide a consistent experience for years. No shortcuts for money.

FAQ: How did you come up with the name “Phinesse Him”?

Phinesse Him, our men’s grooming line, is the connoisseur of men’s grooming. A true gentleman is both well dressed and groomed. A man needs a product good enough for a woman but with enough charm for a gent. With those two elements combined you get PHINESSE. The days of soaping your beard and hair are over. Get Phinessed.

FAQ: What are your best selling products?

For our women’s line, Aquila Hair, our best selling product is Fabulous Foam! It’s simply the best damn foam on the market! It’s your shampoo and go’s wildest dreams. Perfect if you are doing shampoo and go styles for your natural curl pattern or setting overnight with your twisty rods. It enhances your natural curl pattern. It’s also good to laminate braids and lay down those frizzys. Foam, wrap and lay. Your hair will thank you in the morning.

For our men’s line, Phinesse Him, our Beard Buda is unmatched. It has a clean smell that won’t get in the way of your favorite cologne, great shine and it promotes beard growth. It’s “Buda baby!”

FAQ: How can your products help repair damaged hair? Do they help with hair growth? Especially on the edges.

We won’t claim that our products are an miracle cure to damaged hair or loss of edges. With damaged hair or edges, you must create a healthy hair routine which starts with your products. Our products are designed to add to your hair versus strip your hair of its natural luster. We utilize only the best ingredients so with continuous use your hair will return to a healthy state which promotes growth, lustrous and full hair.

Tip: Start with our moisture shampoo and kinky curl deep conditioner and go from there. Utilize the entire lineup for best results.

FAQ: I’ve noticed that your shampoo isn’t sulfate-free. Will it dry out my hair?

Sulfate free vs sulfate. What’s the difference?

Both shampoos have their purpose. Let’s start with sulfate shampoo. Sulfate shampoos provides more lather and cleanses the scalp better than a non sulfate shampoo. A sulfate shampoo is to be used when washing hair sparingly. The Aquila Hair line is developed with clean and lush ingredients that don’t cause the product buildup of other products. With clean products you can protect your hair with less shampoos. But know when you use our Moisture shampoo rest assured your are getting the benefit of a clean and healthy scalp but it’s also packed with ingredients to add back in the moisture and luster required to maintain healthy hair.

Now to Non Sulfate shampoos. Non sulfate shampoos are for the Curlfriend that chooses to wash their hair more often due to product buildup. Utilizing products with more chemical than natural elements create buildup faster than Aquila Hair products which are made from rich ingredients that infuse moisture into the hair with every use. Product lines that are low quality can put you into a cycle of washing and using products at a high rate which overall may damage your hair or pocket book. Quality over quantity is our strategy.

Our preference is to provide high quality products that with consistent use will build rich and healthy hair without stripping your hair of its natural luster.

FAQ: Can men use the Aquila hair line too? Can Aquila Hair be used for other ethnicities?

Aquila Hair doesn’t discriminate. All ethnicities both men and women can utilize the Aquila hair line. Our products are strong enough to manage all curl patterns. Hair doesn’t care the sex or ethnicity. Neither does Aquila Hair.

FAQ: Who developed the formulas for your products?

All product formulas present and future are proprietary to Aquila Hair and created by Aquila. They were all designed by me. This is not a private label company. You are dealing with an expert who knows hair.

FAQ: I’m natural, will your products help my hair retain moisture?

Our products were designed with the natural Curlfriend in mind. Our specialty is moisture. Without that why even create hair products? Each product from the Moisture Shampoo to the Lush Leave In to even the Snatched Edge control moistures and conditions the hair.

As I said before we don’t discriminate on hair. Even if you aren’t natural our products will do the same.

FAQ: Does it weigh your hair down? Leave your hair crunchy?

No. Our products aren’t heavy in oils that weight the hair down. The technology in our products allow you to enjoy shampoos that clean the hair and scalp without stripping your hair. Foam that sets your hair and still allowing it to bounce and flow. Edge control that snatches hour edges but leaves no residue or buildup. With every product you will get maximum moisture with great results.

FAQ: Alcohol free?

Many products claim to be alcohol free. That’s not true. Alcohol is in every product even if somebody say it isn’t. Low quality products utilize high contents of alcohol to stretch the product. Gives you a cheap price but causes hair breakage. Alcohol is required to make sure the product doesn’t coagulate. We use a very minimal amount of alcohol. To do this and be successful you must have a greater ratio of GOOD Ingredients.